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Mike France

Mike France

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12/22/14 11:20 AM #1    

Sherrill Baker (Helzer)

Thoughts and prayers to the France family.


12/22/14 12:42 PM #2    

Debbie Wilkins (Bennion)

So sorry to hear this news.  Love and warmth to the family through the holidays and the rest of time

12/22/14 01:23 PM #3    

Kim Payne

Our thoughts and prayer go out to Family friends of Michael France.  God Speed to all!

12/22/14 01:32 PM #4    

Andy Bavelas

Mike and I went to school from grade school up to High School. And had been  close friends from our youth. I will miss his good nature. Too many good memories to let this sad time bring me down. Will look forward in seeing him in the hereafter. He is good hearted man.

12/22/14 01:43 PM #5    

Karen Gilden (Wood)

This saddens my heart.  My healing thoughts and prayers go out to those who knew and loved Mike.

12/23/14 07:45 AM #6    

Sharon Baker (Sussex)

Thoughts and prayers at this time for the family.  So very sorry.

12/23/14 09:56 AM #7    

Sue Wilson (McKinley)

Good memories if Mike.  BIG hug to his kids & family.  We are sending prayers of comfort your way.

12/25/14 09:24 PM #8    

Kent Hancock

Mike and I were born 16 days apart.We grew up together in Centerville.Our dads were good friends and grew up in Centerville also.We lived just a few blocks apart.Mike his brother Rick, and I explored far and wide.Our range was from the Great Salt Lake to the top of Centerville Canyon. Mohagany Grove was one of favorites,something kept us going back to that area.The only thing we were told not to do by our parents was not to pee in creek,so we did first thing as we started up the trail.Mike and I were baptized together by his Dad.Mike did it so I did too.I remember Mike as being fearless, and as tough as nails. Growing up best friends was more special than I can ever say.

11/08/16 11:01 AM #9    

Peggy Chapman (Stults)

Mike, my sweet friend and husband.

I really miss you! So, many times I have picked up my phone to talk to you. It was so funny when we text and all your words were in caps. I am still not sure if you were yelling at me or you thought I was hard of hearing. Our children and I still laugh about that. You did a lot of yelling at all of us.

We miss your great sense of humor. I am so grateful that even after we divorced, we remained the best of friends. Every holiday, birthday, or family get together, you would be there with your donation of 5 types if soda. We were one big happy family with our sons, daughters, 18 grandchildren, then, 2 great grandchildren, you, my Mike, and me. We were packed in our house like sardines! But, we loved every minute of it. We would never have traded it for the world. Right?

I know you are at peace. How could you not because of your long life of love, kindess, and great humor you gave to all. I miss you terribly, and still have your texts we shared. Don't plan on seeing me for at least 40 years though. I intend to spend every penny I have before we meet again. I love you tons and will never forget all of our good times (and there were many) that we spent together.

Your forever friend and companion, Peg   

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