52 reunion pictures

Singers:  Sylvia Stewart, Jan Thornton, Kathy Lewis , Laura Decker, Susan Elder, John Yancey, Richard Reid, Kevin Roberts Bob Banks and Brent Kirkand

Sue Wilson and Miles Abernathy

Sue Wilson, Char Dalebout, Jane Chipman

Kathy Scharf and Sue


Lee Turner, Sue with Roger Ogzewalla on screen - 32 years ago!!!

Lee Turner, Sam Thoms and Sue

Linda Fullmer, Sue,  Wendy Black and Valane Anderson

Sue and Rick Barlow

Reed Hailes, Sue and J.R. Bangerter

George Higgins, Bob Kammerle, Nina Flankers, Lisa Rohletter, Sherrie Shupe, Bonnie Michelson, Pam Beer, Wendy Black, Back Row:  Roger Ogzewalla, Suzanne Volmar, Diana Jensen, Susan Holbrook, Sharon Hepworth

Centerville Jr. High Gang!


The "Old Yellers"!!  Cyndi Haslam, Bob Kammerle, Lorraine ChildMarilu Henner and Eric HillLorraine Child, Dave Call and wife (Teri)

Lorraine Child, Cyndi Haslam and Cauleen HayesRoger Astin, Kent NielsenJoel Jeppson, Dean Schick, Rulon Carter, Neal ClarkRulon Carter and spouseLorraine Child, Suzanne Volmar and Susan HolbrookCyndi Haslam and Dennis JamesJ.R. Bangerter, Eric Hill, Kathi Rich Bangerter, Dave Call, wife(Teri)John Yancey, Wife, Wife, Bert Whipple, Judy Roundy, Husband, Jeff WadsworthJulie Johansen, husband (Randy), Dianne Gibb, husband (Brent)Bob Banks, wife, Kevin Roberts, wife, wife, Brent KirklandWife (Peggy) , Roger Ogzewalla, Laura DeckerKathy Scharf, Sue Wilson, Kathy Lewis, husband, husband, Susan ElderSharon Hepworth, Husband, wife, Joel Jeppson, DeVan Pack, Barbara Newsome PackWife (Linda), Sam Thomas, wife, Greg Walton, husband (Neal), Jane Chipman. behind Sam is Greg AllenDitto:  Fun picture of Jane.  Rob Hogge behind Sam - married to Julie GraingerLorie Moore, Peggy Johnson, husband, Neal Clark, Chris Poulson Clark, Diana Christensen, husbandReed Hailes, Janet Palmer, Lee Turner, Debbie Smith, Julie Grainger, husband (Rob), wife (Peggy) Roger OgzewallaJudy Layton (Jones) wife, Kirk Taylor, wife Kip Farmer, Diana Jensen, husband.  Dan Jones standingWendy Black, Valane Anderson, Linda Fullmer, Mike Anderson, Andy Bavelas, wife, daughter of Mike France and Peggy ChapmanSue Carlson, Launa Sim, husband, Sharon Baker, Bonnie Lee, Sherrill Baker, Dot Loftstrom, Bonnie Michelson

May have the Baker twins wrong!!!  HahaGrandson, Judy House, Dennis James, Jan Thornton James, Slyvia Stewart, Dixie McRae. Sheila MemmottHusband, Suzanne Volmar, Lisa Rohletter, Bonnie Miles, Pam Beer, Susan Holbrook and Kim PayneRick Barlow, wife, wife (Teri)  David Call, Roger Astin, Richard Reid, WifeHusband to Sharon, wife to Joel, Joel Jeppson, DeVan Pack, Barbara Newson Pack, Kent Nielsen, wife (Linda), Sharon HepworthWife, Steve Mackay, Dennis Parkin, Chris Henderson Parkin, Laura Decker, Donna Guest Youngberg, Mike Youngberg,Leo Gustafson, Wife, Wife (Dion), Fred Moss, husband (Brent), Dianne Gibb, Cauleen Hayes, husband (Craig) Lorraine Child

Rulon Carter, wife, Dave Downs, Lane Hemsley, Lynn Adams, wife, wife, Brent Epperson

Sherrie Scott, Mary Ann Piquette, husband, Laura Forsberg Higgins, George Higgins, Debbie Kay Mikesell, Standing: Doug Mikesell and Jane ChipmanBob Banks, wife, Kevin Roberts, wife, wife, Brent Kirkland, wife, Brent Hunt

Craig Murphy, wife, Larry Greenhalgh, wife, Marilu Henner, Mike Brown or Marc, Bob Kammerle, Dean Schick

Tolman Elementary crew:  Front:  Rulon Carter, Sylvia Stewart, Lorraine Child, Susan Holbrook, Cyndi Haslam, Cauleen Hayes, Donna Guest, Kathi Rich. Back:  Jane Chipman, Bert Whipple, Dave Downs, Dean Schick, Neal Clark and Richard ReidLane Hemsley, Julie Grainger, Roger Ogzewalla, Lorraine ChildThe reunion committee:  Donna Guest, Roger Ogzewalla, Lee Turner, Lorraine Child, Fred Moss, Sam Thomas, Janet Palmer, Jane Chipman, Kent Nielsen, Mike Youngberg

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