52nd Reunion Attendance Survey

52nd Reunion Attendance Survey

Although our 50th reunion has been postponed 2 years we still appreciate those filling out the survey with their intent to come to the reunion in 2022. 

In order to facilitate our group events so we can plan them to run smoothly, we would ask that each classmate fill out this questionnaire. Don't be be too timid to fill it out early as we are only asking for tentative numbers so we know what size group we need to plan for. You can always change your mind and we also have a "Maybe" answer if you are not sure yet.

As this may be our last reunion, we would love to see all of our fellow classmates no matter your hair (or lack of) size, shape, age (we already know you are 67 or 68)...  we are all in the same boat so please join us if you can!

Only the reunion committee will be able to view your answers.

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1)   * Will you attend the luncheon? (Scheduled for Friday, September 23)

2)   * Will you attend the Reunion dinner/program? (Scheduled for Saturday September 24)

  Yes-With Spouse/Partner
  Maybe- Single
  Maybe- With Spouse/Partner
3)   Will you need lodging?

Answer such as how many in your party, how many nights, dates, number of rooms, etc.
4)   Who was your favorite group?

  Bee Gees
  Led Zepplin
  Simon and Garfunkel
  Credence Clearwater Revival
  Beach Boys
  Little Bavode and the Imperials
5)   Who was your favorite leader?

  Dick the Beet
  Almond Joy Flake
  Mr. Davies
  Dave Call
  Coach Dangerfield
This survey ended on 09/20/2022.